You know him as the star of the "Gymkhana" video series, the co-founder of DC Shoes, an international media superstar and one of the racing world's leading tastemakers. We know him as a perennial championship contender in our series, the guy who won our season finale in Las Vegas last November and finished third in last year's title hunt with designs on winning it all this year.

He's Ken Block, of course, and as part of our brand new Kinja blog, he's here to take your questions this afternoon. Ken will be free starting at roughly 2:15PM ET. Ask him anything you want!

(Don't forget: if you're in the New York area, be sure to come to Nassau Coliseum this weekend to see Ken take on the greatest rallycross drivers in the world! We're offering a special ticket discount to Jalopnik readers at with the ticket discount code "JALOP." Happy hooning!)