"In a New York minute, everything can change. In a New York minute, things can get pretty strange..."

How fitting, then, that we're racing in New York this weekend! Simply put, that's exactly what happened during preliminary heats for Volkswagen Rallycross NY, the fourth race of our 2014 season. Scott Speed came into New York as our points leader, but after two rounds of heats, POOF! Nelson Piquet Jr. has tied it up at the top of the standings.


So before you tune into your local NBC affiliate at 2PM ET today (hint, hint), or before you show up to the track (like the majority of our friends at Jalopnik will be!), here's what you'll want to keep in mind.

The track: If you think this looks like our layout from Las Vegas last year, you're right. But a good layout produces good racing. Check our heat results from yesterday—four of the six Supercars heats had a margin of victory of a second or less. Drivers were bumper to bumper from start to finish, and taking the jump at full opposite lock on more than one occasion.

The favorites: Ken Block had a rough start to the season, ending up on his roof in Barbados and missing the final at X Games Austin, but he's been solid and consistent so far this weekend. He's the only driver to have won both of his heats yesterday; the other heat winners were Piquet Jr., Joni Wiman, Sverre Isachsen, and Tanner Foust.

The future: GRC Lites has been a two-driver race all year, with Mitchell DeJong beating Kevin Eriksson in the first two events. But don't count out Pedro Piquet, younger brother of Nelson—yesterday, he had a poor start in his heat race to fall to third, but diligently and confidently whittled down a massive deficit to second-place Oliver Eriksson and made the pass for the runner-up spot in the heat's waning moments. The kid's got major league talent.

For everything else you need to know, our own Kristen Kenney has you covered:

Who's watching us on NBC at 2PM ET today? Better yet, how many of you are coming to see us in person?

Photo credit: Alison Padron