Ask Red Bull Global Rallycross Star Rhys Millen Anything You Want

He's a stunt driving legend with experience in more commercials and movies than you can count. He's a former Formula Drift champion and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb world record holder. And now, he's Red Bull Global Rallycross' most recent first-time winner, having taken the checkered flag at Daytona… » 9/18/14 12:41pm Thursday 12:41pm

Favorite Places to Drive: Tanner Foust

With two Red Bull Global Rallycross races stacked back-to-back in Los Angeles, we had to come up with two lists of favorite places to drive in the Los Angeles area. Yesterday we brought you Rhys "Mad Skills" Millen's list—today, we bring you the list of two-time series champion Tanner Foust. » 9/16/14 2:53pm Tuesday 2:53pm

Favorite Places to Drive: Rhys Millen

Red Bull Global Rallycross returns to its home base of Los Angeles this weekend, with a doubleheader event at the Port of Los Angeles this Friday through Sunday. It's no surprise that multiple Red Bull GRC drivers call the LA area home, including Rhys "Mad Skills" Millen, winner of our most recent event at Daytona… » 9/15/14 2:22pm Monday 2:22pm

Meet Brett King, Designer for the Red Bull GRC Stars

You all know the stars behind the wheel of your favorite racing series (us... wink, wink), but you don't always know about the folks behind the scenes. Here at Red Bull Global Rallycross, we'd like to change that—so we'll be featuring interviews with some of the players that you might not know here on our Kinja blog… » 9/07/14 11:51pm 9/07/14 11:51pm

Your Ridiculously Awesome GRC Lites Daytona Wallpapers Are Here

Yesterday we gave you a set of wallpapers from our first visit to Daytona International Speedway, focusing on our Supercars class. Today, we're featuring our GRC Lites drivers—the future of the sport, and a future that may be coming sooner than later! » 8/28/14 2:09pm 8/28/14 2:09pm

Red Bull Global Rallycross Race Preview: Daytona International Speedway

Hello, Jalopnik universe! We've missed you during our summer vacation. (We hope you've missed us, too.) But we're going to make it up to you with one of the best races of the season this weekend, as we make our inaugural visit to Daytona International Speedway. » 8/22/14 4:00pm 8/22/14 4:00pm

Red Bull Global Rallycross Race Preview: The Dirt Track at Charlotte

Seems that racing on dirt ovals is all the rage now in the Jalopnik community, which is why we're bummed out that we couldn't get some folks to come down to The Dirt Track at Charlotte to see how we roll here. No worries, though—we won't hold it against you (too much). :) » 7/26/14 9:20am 7/26/14 9:20am

How To Pass In Red Bull Global Rallycross

With only 10 laps or less to work with, every lap of a Red Bull Global Rallycross race is crucial—there's no time to waste in your march up the field, especially if you're not able to grab the holeshot. At Volkswagen Rallycross New York on Sunday, Scott Speed demonstrated how to make the best of a second-row starting… » 7/23/14 8:09am 7/23/14 8:09am

Ask Hoonigan Racing Division Star Ken Block Anything

You know him as the star of the "Gymkhana" video series, the co-founder of DC Shoes, an international media superstar and one of the racing world's leading tastemakers. We know him as a perennial championship contender in our series, the guy who won our season finale in Las Vegas last November and finished third in… » 7/18/14 1:51pm 7/18/14 1:51pm


We've been all over New York City before this weekend's Red Bull Global Rallycross event at Nassau Coliseum in New York. Not only did we promise you an Ask Me Anything session with defending GRC Vegas winner and Hoonigan Racing Division star Ken Block tomorrow afternoon, but Jalopnik also snagged Volkswagen Andretti… » 7/17/14 3:00pm 7/17/14 3:00pm

Hey, We're Red Bull Global Rallycross

Greetings, Kinja-sphere! We're Red Bull Global Rallycross. For those of you who are aware of us already, yes, this is our official blog within the Kinja network. We're incredibly grateful to Gawker Media, and especially our friends at Jalopnik, for helping us get set up here. » 7/14/14 11:54am 7/14/14 11:54am